Dead Trigger 2 is commonly a zombie-apocalypse-themed first-person shooter, entirely on iOS and Android phones. Running in regards to the Unity game engine, the knowledge features a progression system, numerous environments, unlockable and upgradable weapons, besides other story-based and quick-play mission types.
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Dead Trigger 2 is often a free-movement shooter; rather than on-rails gameplay usual for mobile zombie shooters, you controls the character’s movement as a typical console or PC FPS. The game features two dramatically different control paradigms; with the default controls, the participant merely is aimed towards zombies – their weapons will fire automatically each time a zombie is within the crosshair. The advanced control scheme functions like first game – the gamer presses some control to fireplace the weapon, in addition to an additional button lets the gamer aim throughout the weapon’s sights for greater accuracy.
Gameplay typically requires completing objectives while killing zombies (occasionally killing zombies are the only objective). The player posesses limited number of health that happen to be refreshed at the outset of each mission. The player loses health when hit by zombies or by certain environmental hazards (i.e. radiation). The player can regain health through healing pills or obtaining a health powerup from a special zombie.
Enemies can be bought two flavors, standard zombies and special zombies. Standard zombies often plod along with the slow pace and attack using their arms, but a majority of may sprint or carry melee weapons for increased damage. Special zombies have distinct appearances and unique traits; they can be deadlier and tougher to kill, but drop blueprints or volumes of money (and infrequently health) when killed.
In addition to carrying two primary weapons, moreover, chances are you’ll has a melee weapon or longer to a couple of forms of consumable items. Consumables include health pills, grenades, exploding chickens and a few.

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